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Free Shaimaa Adel

Shimaa Adel   An Egyptian journalist was detained in Sudan, where she was covering the latest protests in the capital.   On 4 July, shimaa had been arrested by Sudanese police forces when she was sitting in an internet café in Khartoum, with Sudanese political activists; in addition she wasn't holding any official papers for press covering.   On 5 July the Arabic-language independent daily Al-Watan newspaper, for which shimaa works, said that she would arrive home next day at 9:30pm, but she didn't show up though.   Next day, her family phoned the egyptian consul and the ambassador there, and they told them that security was about to release her, advising me not to speak to the media for her safety, and the surprise was when they told her that they hadn't met shimaa, as she'd been arrested but Sudanese intelligence.   Family, friends, and political activists started to organize a lot of protests at the press syndicate, Sudanese embassy in Cairo, and at the ministry of foreign affairs demanding her immediate release, but still shimaa didn't return.   Her mother announced her hunger strike yesterday night till her daughter will be back, and after a lot of promises from governmental officials, she hanged up her strike for just 24 hours.   Shimaa, 25 years old, who covered the egyptian and Libyan revolutions, went to Syria where she covered the massacres and sustained a leg injury, is the second egyptian journalist to have been arrested in Sudan.   But the first one, also a woman her name is Salma Alwardani, was released on the same day that she was arrested.

الأربعاء، 4 أبريل 2012

Free Ahmed Doma الحرية لأحمد دومة

Ahmed Doma "The Butterfly Hunter"
" أحمد دومة " صائد الفراشات
Who is Ahmed Dome? A 23 - year old Egyptian young man who started practicing politics at the age of 14, from a Muslim Brotherhood family and a member of the MB group until 2007. He worked on the Million faces and signatures campaign against the Mubarak regime, and as a consequence of which was arrested for 3 days in the so-called “villa” -a place designated for torture. There he suffered the worst kinds of torture, electric shocking, nail ripping, injection by nerve-damaging drugs, as well as hanging and whipping. As a result, he suffered severe injuries on the hands of state security men, which is all documented in medical reports and his name was found in more than one cell in the State Security headquarters after it had been stormed right after the revolution. Doma resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood 'Ikhwan' who condemned his stance and explicit campaign to bring down the regime as they saw his actions as an infringement of their reform policy, which never rose to the level of drastic or revolutionary change.
Who is Ahmed Dome? Doma is an Egyptian activist who has traveled to Gaza more than 13 times, but the most important one was one day after the start of the last war on Gaza. He challenged the Mubarak regime and it's tyrannical oppressive siege imposed on Gaza. Breaking that siege he crossed the border in defiance of border guards and the Zionist shelling and joined the Aqsa Brigades as one of the recruits. When the war ended Doma returned to Egypt and announced the date of his return in the media to avoid being arrested illegally as before, but the regime and state security service were able to detain him for a day before he was referred to a military trial. During his detention his leg was broken as a result of extreme torture. The military court sentenced him to one and a half years. Nevertheless he resumed his activism upon his release and participated in all the demonstrations and sit-ins with the detainees, including those of them who belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. In spite of the fact that the group actually tarnished his image upon his return from Gaza because he had defected and officially resigned from the group. Ironically, mentioning their Doma participated in a demonstration made up of three people to condemning the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood members, which clearly describes his solidarity stance towards them.
Doma joined the workers as well in their strikes the most important of which is the 'Mahala strike'. He also participated in all strikes and events related to Jerusalem, Iraq, and US domination, torture in Abu Ghraib prison and numerous other causes until he was framed for 'an assault on 14 central security forces members, and deflecting serious injury on 4 officers and the destruction of two CSF vehicles' while participating in a demonstration to refuse the activation of the Emergency Law on 03-05-2010. This case is considered a staggering example of how the regime fabricates charges against its dissidents, especially evident in the official testimony of numerous famous political figures and members of famous patriotic groups who have attended this demonstration. These testimonials described the truth regarding what happened which is that Doma has been the one assaulted for merely trying to protect demonstrators from the brutal and intentional beating deliberately targeting women. He was sentenced to 3 months in prison in the Qata prison, which is considered to be the most horrible prison in Egypt.
Moreover, Doma is a member of the co-ordination committee of the Kefaya movement, a founding member of the Youth of 6th of April Movement, a founding member of Youth for Freedom and justice Movement, a general coordinator of the Youth Arab Revolt Movement and a member of a Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution, founded during the 25th of January revolution.
He resigned from all of these movements after the revolution, with the exception of Kefaya and preferred to practice political work as an independent activist with an honorable history of pre and post revolution work. He participated in all meetings, coordinating events leading up to the 25th January revolution and led with a limited number of Youth the demonstration originating from Nahia area, which ended up uniting with the rest of the marches to enter Tahrir Square. He suffered fracture in the foot on 25 January and has been shot in the foot on 28 January. Being as steadfast as he is, Doma coordinated the 'March to Jerusalem' day and many other demonstration demanding the departure of the Zionist ambassador following the killing of Egyptian soldiers on the border.
Now, Ahmed is in custody on charges of burning the scientific complex and resisting military and police forces, injuring them, and causing damages to public and private properties on intentional purpose. The reason for this is the mere expression of his political point of view freely and going on one of the cable channels called Dream program during an interview with Wael El Ibrashi. In that interview Doma said, "Yes, I am with the right of the people to defend themselves against live ammunition and if they consider them thugs, I am a known political activist and I am a thug like them". He also said, "Not all who throw Molotov cocktails are thugs because being peaceful does not mean not to resort self-defense when necessary. It just means the peaceful protestors do not initiate violence". This was the principle Doma tried to implant, and even though he made it clear saying, "Those who burned the scientific complex are in fact hired thugs and we know quite well who hired them, but there were those who defended themselves spontaneously against live ammunition and we cannot call them thugs and give the regime the right to arrest and frame them under the pretext of being thugs". This holds especially true since a large number of youth are arrested and framed of charges because they are not 'famous activists' who cannot extend their voices to the public opinion. These were Doma's statement but to his demise the video shared on Facebook and Twitter saying has been reduced to the false statement: "I am Ahmed Doma, I threw Molotov cocktails".
One retired citizen living in Mansheyet Nasser claimed seeing Doma throw Molotov cocktails and refereed to the fabricated video which can only be described as pathetic and ridiculing to the intelligence of the judges and officials involved in the investigation as it does not show any persons, nor voice . The video in question doesn't represent the actual events, it only shows feet of people riding a motorcycle at night and the entire duration of video is one minute. Hence, is important in this reagrd to note that,
- Although Doma said that his talk during the interview was just his political opinion, to which he is totally and freely entitled.
- Although the video does not represent anything at all, and even investigating magistrate could not describe it nor face Doma with it.
- Although there is no reason for Doma to remain in custody.
- Although the investigation judges Wagih El Shaaer and Wagdy Abdel Moneim praised Doma's integrity and nationalism, which forced them to respect him and one of them said to him "I am ashamed you are being locked down"
They still ordered him to be imprisoned for a month, renewed for another month then a third month and refused all attempts for appeal. This confirms, that the decision is absolutely a political decision that has nothing to do with evidence, or legal procedures.
Therefore, Doma's case can be seen as clear evidence, that also that the military rulers violations is no different from Mubarak's using the judiciary system to serve political purposes and silence the voices dissidents, who stuggle againt injustice in the streets as opposed to ‘’behind closed doors’’.
How sarcastic is it that Egyptians are now being locked for long months in the name of law, are tortured morally in the name of justice and being held accountable for their freedom of expression after a revolution calling for freedom.
Furthermore, Doma is a member of Egypt's writers federation as a poet, whose first book is on hold in the print shop pending release. He is a journalist and writer who has a weekly column in Alyoum Alsabee newspaper.
He has been supported by many writers and members of the federation as well as by his colleagues at Alyoum Alsabee newspaper and all activists. They declared him to be the "Thermometer of the Revolution" and "the Butterfly Hunter" because he used to hunt tear gas canisters and throw away from protesters.
Freedom to Ahmed Doma, the Butterfly Hunter
" أحمد دومة " صائد الفراشات
شاب مصري عمره لم يتجاوز 23 عام يمارس العمل السياسي وعمره 14 عام تقريبا من اسرة اخوانيه وقد كان هو عضو
بالجماعة حتي عام 2007 حين قام بعمل حملة باسم المليون وجه وتوقيع ضد نظام مبارك
اعتقل علي اثرها 3 ايام فيما يسمي بالفيلا " مكان مخصص للتعذيب " عاني فيه اشد انواع التعذيب" كهرباء ، خلع اظافر ، حقن اعصاب ، تعليق وجلد" واصيب باصابات بالغةعلي ايدي رجال امن الدولة مثبته بتقارير طبية ووجد اسمه باكثر من زنزانه بمقرات امن الدولة بعد اقتحامها بعد الثورة ، استقال من الجماعة التي ادانت موقفه وادانت قيامه بحمله صريحة تعمل علي اسقاط النظام باكمله
فقد كانت تري في ذلك خروجا عن سياستها الاصلاحية
التي لم ترتقي يوما لان تكون ثوريه او جزريه ، سافر غزة اكثر من 13 مرة ولكن اهمهم سفره اليها بعد قيام الحرب الاخيرة عليها بيوم واحد وتحديه لنظام مبارك المستبد والحصار الغاشم الظالم المفروض علي غزة ، كسر الحصار وعبر السور متحديا حرس الحدود والقصف الصهيوني واشترك بكتائب سراي القدس كاحد مجنديها ، الي ان انتهت الحرب وعاد الي مصر واعلن ميعاد عودته اعلاميا كي لا يتم اعتقاله بطرق غير شرعية كما سبق ولكن استطاع النظام وجهاز امن الدوله اعتقاله لمدة يوم قبل تقديمه للمحاكمة العسكريه واثناء هذا الاعتقال كسرت قدمه من جراء ما تعرض له من تعذيب ، قدم للمحاكمة العسكريه وحكم عليه بسنه ونصف ، بعد خروجه شارك بجميع التظاهرات والاعتصامات مع المعتقلين حتي الاخوان منهم و الذين عملوا
علي تشويهه بعد رجوعه من غزة لانه خرج عنهم واستقال رسميا من الجماعة فيذكر له بهذا السياق انه قام بعمل تظاهرة بثلاث
اشخاص تنديدا باعتقال الاخوان، شارك مع العمال
اضراباتهم ومن اهمهم اضراب المحله وشارك
في جميع الاضرابات والفاعليات الخاصة بالقدس والعراق والهيمنة الامريكية والتعذيب بابو غريب وغيرها من القضايا الي ان تم تلفيق تهمة له بالتعدي علي 14 عسكري امن مركزي واصابة 4 ضباط باصابات بالغة وتدمير عربتان للامن المركزي اثناء مشاركته بمظاهرة للتنديد بتفعيل قانون الطوارئ 3-5-2010 وتعد هذه القضية مثال صارخ وصريح لتلفيق التهم خاصة وان جميع الشخصيات السياسية والقوي الوطنيه حضرت هذه المظاهرة وشهدت مع احمد رسميا بانه هو من اعتدي عليه لمجرد انه حاول حماية المتظاهرات من الضرب الوحشي المتعمد والمقصود به السيدات خاصة وحكم عليه ب3 اشهر قضاها
بسجن القطا " ابشع سجون مصر "
هو عضو لجنة تنسيقية بحركة كفاية
وعضو مؤسس بحركة شباب 6 ابريل
وعضو مؤسس لحركة شباب من اجل العدلة والحرية
ومنسق عام لحركة شباب الثورة العربية
وعضو ائتلاف شباب الثورة والذي تاسس بعد ثورة 25 يناير
وقد استقال من كل هذه الحركات بعد الثورة ما عدا حركة كفاية وفضل ان يمارس العمل السياسي كناشط مستقل له تاريخ مشرف قبل الثورة وبعدها فقد شارك في جميع الاجتماعات التنسيقية للتنسيق علي فاعليات 25 يناير وقاد مع عدد محدود من الشباب تظاهرة ناهية التي انتهت بالاتحاد مع باقي المسيرات للدخول الي الميدان ، اصيب بشرخ في القدم يوم25 يناير واصيب بطلقه بالقدم اصابت وتر يوم 28 يناير ، نسق علي يوم الزحف الي القدس والعديد من الفاعليات التي طالبت بطردالسفير الصهيوني
بعد قتل جنودنا علي الحدود
والان احمد قيد الحبس بتهمة حرق المجمع العلمي ومقاومة رجال الجيش والشرطة مما احدث بهم اصابات واتلاف الممتلكات العامة والخاصة عن عمد لمجرد انه عبر عن وجهة نظره السياسية بحرية وقال باحدي القنوات الفضائية " بقناة دريم برنامج الحقيقة مع استاذ وائل الابراشي " نعم انا مع حق الناس في الدفاع عن انفسهم ضد الرصاص الحي واذا اعتبرتوهم بلطجية فانا الناشط السياسي المعروف منهم بلطجي مثلهم وقال نصا ليس كل من القي بالمولوتوف
ببلطجي، فالسلمية لا تعني عدم الدفاع عن النفس وانما تقتضي عدم البدء بالعنف وهذا هو المبدا الذي حاول احمد دومة ترسيخه،ورغم انه اوضح رايه قائلا : من حرقوا المجمع العلمي بلطجية و ماجورين ونعلم تماما من مؤجرهم ولكن هناك من دافع عن نفسه بعفويه وتلقائية ضد الرصاص الحي ولا نستطيع ان نطلق عليه لقب بلطجي ونعطي للنظام الحق والزريعة لاعتقاله وتلفيق التهم له بحجة
البلطجة وخصوصا ان عددا كبير من الشباب يعتقل وتلفق له التهم لانه غير معروف
ولا يستطيع ايصال صوته للراي العام ، الا انه
تم تقطيع فيديو الحلقة ورفع الجزء الخاص" بانا احمد دومة القيت مولوتوف " علي الفيس بوك وتويتر وقام مواطن شريف علي المعاش يسكن بمنشية ناصر بتقديم بلاغ باحمد يدعي فيه انه رأه وهو يلقي بالمولوتوف بالتحرير واستند الي فيديو اقل ما يوصف به انه تافه يُعد استخفاف بعقول القضاه ومسئولي التحقيق حيث انه لا يظهر به اي اشخاص او صوت ولا يمثل الاحداث فقط يظهر به اقدام لاشخاص تركب موتوسيكل بالليل ومدة الفيديو دقيقة
ورغم ان احمد قال ان حديثه بالبرنامج لم يكن سوي راي سياسي متمسك به ومن حقه التعبير عنه
ورغم ان الفيديو لا يمثل اي شئ بالمرة وحتي قاضي التحقيقات لم يستطيع توصيفه ومواجهة احمد به
ورغم انه ليست هناك اي مسببات للحبس الاحتياطي
ورغم ان قاضيا التحقيقات وجيه الشاعر ووجدي عبد المنعم شهدا لاحمد بالنزاهه والوعي الوطني الذي اجبرهم علي احترامه وقال له احدهم نصا " انا مستخصرك في الحبس
الا انهم امروا بحبسه شهر اولا ثم جددوا الحبس بشهر اخر وشهر ثالث ورفضت كل محاولات الاستئناف علي قرارات الحبس مما اكد لنا ان القرار سياسيا مطلقا ليس له اي علاقة بالادلة ولا الجراءات القانونية واكد لنا ايضا ان انتهاكات حكم العسكر تختلف عن مبارك في ارتدائها ثوب القانون واستخدامها للقضاء في الغراض السياسية لتكميم افواه الثوار المشهود لهم بالنضال في الشارع اكثر من نضال الاجتماعات والغرف فاصبحنا نحبس احتياطيا لاشهر طويله باسم القانون وسير التحقيقات ونعذب
معنويا باسم العداله ، ونحاسب علي تعبيرنا بحرية عن اراءنا بعد ان صنعنا ثورة قامت من اجل الحرية
اخيرا احمد عضو باتحاد كتاب مصر لانه شاعر ديوانه الاول محفوظ بالمطبعة ينتظر خروجه ليدشن حفل التوقيع
وكاتب صحفي له عمود اسبوعي بجريدة اليوم السابع
سانده العديد من الادباء واعضاء الاتحاد وسانده زملائه باليوم السابع وسانده جميع النشطاء وجميعهم شهدوا له بانه ترمومتر
"الثورة ، لُقب في الوسط السياسي " بصائد الفراشات
لانه اعتاد اصطياد القنابل المسيله للدموع والقاءها بعيدا عن المتظاهرين